1. palms after labor day

    palmprint4 palmprint2

    palmprint6palmprint1 palmprint

    madewell palm print jumpsuit [on sale] | white sandals

    this jumpsuit is one my favorite things i own. i recently purchased it and i definitely thought it would be one of those items that i 100% returned because it was nice in theory but would look horrible on me. quite the opposite happened when i tried it on. it is so comfortable and despite being a primarily white full body suit, it actually is very flattering. i figured this would be one of those outfits my husband cracked a joke about, but instead, he liked it. and the best part is it is now on sale!

    also, digging my new darker locks. with all of this fresh hair growing back after having a baby, i wanted to let my hair breathe a bit from over processing and i am quite happy with the results. and how cute is john’s tiny hand always locked around my arm.

  2. lake afternoon


    lake6 lake10 lake2 lake8

    lake9 lake7

    oshkosh hickory stripe shortalls  | red keds | freshly picked moccasins | hat | target dress

    i always knew that i would have boys first. i just felt it in my bones. and i know for certain i will have a boy next. i just know there is one more boy meant for our family. then let the “let’s have a baby girl” rain dances begin. our family is so blessed to have these brothers. so different in looks. so different in many ways. yet so similar. both hard headed, strong willed aka “spirited” children as some may say. as on the go as they normally are, our time spent out at white rock lake was quite the opposite. both at ease near the water and in the open air. william made his own fishing pole and counted the boats. and john walked around looking at the grass and up at the clouds and casually stopped to pick up leaves. happy as clams, these boys. so for all of the crazy moments, it only takes some slow moments like these to take my breathe away.

  3. tinted moisturizer

    atreasurehunt_tintedmoisture tinted2 tinted1

    i have said before how i am pretty lassiez -faire when i comes to my outward appearance. most days i am sans makeup even though i would really like to look more put together. whenever i make myself spend a little time in front of the mirror i am always amazed that it really only takes 3-5 minutes to make a huge difference in my appearance.

    i have never been a full coverage kind of gal, so tinted moisturizers have always been my go tos. these three are my absolute favs. in these photos i am wearing garnier skin renew miracle skin perfector bb cream. this stuff if my favorite and i tend to reach for this first. read the reviews online. this stuff is legit. cheap. and offers pretty full coverage for a tinted moisturizer if you ask me. chanel vitalumiere aquaulta-light skin perfecting is so creamy and really lets my skin breath. and last but certainly not least is beautycounter tint skin complexion coverage. oh how i sing this company’s praises. i kid you not, every product i own is amazing. i feel really great about putting this on my skin knowing that it isn’t loaded with the grimy chemicals that comprise other brands.

    so when i feel like sprucing up, i grab one of these three and i just use the pads of my finger tips and blend it all over. dot on a little concealer under my eyes. mascara. swipe swipe. lip shade. boom. i look [and feel] 45893457 times more put together.

    *kind of forgot i was wearing a lulu workout shirt when i took these. next time i will try to be a little more blog appropriate. but first, can i get an amen for lululemon.