4 months

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my little angel boy is 4 months old. he is such a delight and i am so glad he is mine. i love babies. i love them so much. people warned me that going from one kid to two would be really, really hard. and honestly, while we have definitely had many hair-pulling-out-moments, over all, i loving have 2 kids. and, call me crazy, i already dream of the next time i am pregnant again. a big part of me wishes i was already pregnant again but deep down i know that i want a lot more time with this little one before another sibling graces our family.

so let’s celebrate this sweet babe.

john. you are my little soul mate. i always wanted a baby with blue eyes and here he is. i always wanted a little blondie, and here you are. i always wanted another boy. i always knew the second would be a mama’s boy. even though i have only seen you with my eyes for 4 months, i have seen you in my heart for ¬†years.

you love waking up and seeing your mamas face in the morning. you immediately pull your legs up to your chest and shoot off the biggest smile ever, which in turn, makes me smile ear to ear. you love watching everything your big brother does. and he often gets just a little. too. close. you love standing up and listening to your daddy sing to you. that always gets you belly laughing. you love your little lovie that your mimi gave to you. but you scare mommy because every time she looks a the monitor, you have it over your face. and speaking of faces, some people say you look like me. which makes me giddy.

john grandy. you are breathtaking. and while these 4 months have zipped by and i wish i could press the pause button, i simply cannot wait to watch you grow.


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