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My sweet big 2 year old had the best night of his life this Halloween. I really did not know what to expect but this kiddo and his best friend totally mastered trick or treating. I mean how cute are these two together?! The boys took one another by the hand and walked down the block on a mission. A mission for C-A-N-D-Y. Up to each door they went and knocked their little hearts out. Their eyes would light up as the homeowner opened up the door and the homeowners could not help but smile at these two little monkeys. They exclamined their own 2 year old versions of “trick-or-treat” followed by their best attempts at thank you’s. When the darkness of night was rolling in and it was pretty much completely black outside, we decided to call it a night and wheeled our monkey boy back to our house. I will never forget this night and the sheer joy these boys experienced. ┬áIt clearly warmed all of our adult hearts and for just a minute, we felt like kids again.


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