I have a shoe crush and it is on Aquazzura. I have been dreaming of a pair of these shoes for months and I just cannot get enough of their fall styles and colors. If you are in need of an investment shoe, you simply cannot go wrong with a pair of Aquazzura’s. Now the hard part is picking one! As of today, my favorite are these but who knows what tomorrow will bring.
Also, the style legend [do we call people under 30 legends yet??] Olivia Palermo just launched her new collaboration with the line and it does not disappoint. I mean how insanely gorgeous are these pretty ladies?? The only thing that will accompany your gasping for air over their beauty is the swift kick in the gut when you see the pricing. It is quite hard to swallow but I would expect these shoes to be totally worth every single penny. Even if it would take many many moons to scrap together enough pennies to indulge.


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  1. I agree! I would hope they are worth every penny too, Morgan! I saw your gorgeous clothes on Kate over on Instagram and had to stop by and say hi and congratulations on the launch of your shop!

    September 15, 2014 • 5:15 pm •