We started off the 4th with donuts, swimming, and some mini golf with some of our dearest friends.

Then we headed to the lake.

W was NOT a fan of the life vest. I have never seen the expressions he made when we put that on him. Poor thing was miserable! And only singing a song would make him smile. 
And during nap time…I got to have a little fun of my own.
I have not wake boarded in years but it seemed to be like riding a bike and I like to think I’ve still got it. Mr.B [who taught me to wake board when I was younger] would be proud.

Until I did not have it anymore and this is what happened. I am still hurting from this fall.


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  1. Lauren Biediger

    Love this Morgie! You get it on that wake board! Love you and miss you!

    July 9, 2013 • 5:36 pm •
  2. W’s face in that life jacket — too much, so cute!

    July 9, 2013 • 5:58 pm •