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i really want to try to do weekly recaps so that i [selfishly] can look back and remember what we were up to since most of my life is lived in somewhat of a daze. so let’s commence.

my creatures 100% synched up and deemed this week “poop-there-it-is” week [y’all have seen that ridiculous luv’s diapers commercial right?!?!]. william has been doing swimmingly well at potty training lately. except for when it comes to the pooh. he likes to wait until he has a cozy pull up on during nap time to wait to do the deed. i LOVE it when i walk into his room after his nap and my nostrils immediately shutter. toddler pooh is just gross. because, it’s not toddler pooh. its’s straight up mini-adult pooh with out the mini. sick. nasty. needless to say, we have had lots of baths after nap this week. john decided to not poop for a few days so the moment he did, well. you can imagine the rumbling going on in his pantaloons. blowout city. and by the grace of God i just so happened to have a spare outfit with me which basically never happens. oh and to top off this pooh filled week, charlie decided to not let me know she needed out in the middle of the night. imagine my delight as i sauntered downstairs blindly one glorious morning and was immediately met with the horrible. horrible. stench of dog poop. in the house. on my rug. the one that is impossible to fully get dog poop out of. ohmahhhhgoooosh [insert pulling our hair emoji. why don’t they have a pulling out hair emoji?? mothers, shall we petition for that one]. lets just say she spent a great deal of the day outside. i do not have much of a mouth for curse words [ha] but after this week i would like to say F poop. F it! luckily i know i will get to spend many many more moons of my life dealing with this four letter word.

on a much more beautiful note, my soul sister brittany [i think we may have been separated at birth] snap chatted me the ed sheeran thinking out loud video. swwwwwoooon. i am officially really ticked at my mom for not signing me up for dance class at the age of two so that i just might have had a shot at dancing in this video. to this song. oh my goodness this song. ed may as well just jump into my soul every time i hear the first note. i don’t know if my heart has ever felt a more beautiful song. casey want to get married again so this can be our first dance? and maybe our band would actually play the song we requested. [true story, our band played a new-to-us song as our first dance. half way though we realized it was indeed not our selected song that we had secretly been taking dance lessons to dance to. [[good thing a few minutes before our big dance, we pulled the plug on the choreographed version and just decided to go with the good ole high school sway back and forth and spin every once in a while dance. otherwise we would have bombed!]]].

john turned 4 months. oh lawdy i love that little fella.

the twin beds i had made arrived [yay for john’s big boy bed already being set up for when he  moves in to share a room with william] and they are perfect. william loves talking about the “2 beds, mama” in his room now.

william suddenly decided yesterday that he does indeed like strawberries so he proceeded to eat the entire bowl. so today he asked for strawberries and i said “strawberries are all gone. mama will buy more.” “buy more strawberries, mama” was repeated several times. so later in the day when he asked for candy and i told him candy was all gone [what i always say] he quickly shot back “buy more candy mama.” dang they pick up on things quickly.. and speaking of william and his talking, his favorite word this week is “compost.” curious george taught him that one?!?!




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  1. ahhhhh isn’t that video the swooniesttttt!!!! i am so so glad we are soul sistas!! and omg, i can’t even with the preciousness of the two boys sharing a room!! that is so so cute! i love that john’s big boy bed is already set up! that is SO something i am soul sistas with you on, too, because i love to be prepared and that is just the most perfect. and compost! haha!!!

    February 10, 2015 • 8:59 am •
  2. Bob Linsk

    Morgan, your poop blog is hysterical and your children are adorable.

    February 12, 2015 • 9:49 am •