around here lately





+ we have had some happy days these past few months. lots of vacations. lots of tantrums. lots of kisses. lots of quality time with our dearest of friends and family. it certainly was a magical summer and rather than being sad it is all over, it just excites me even more for next year.

+ william is obsessed with flags. especially american flags and now texas flags. as a surprise one random day, i snuck away with just william and pulled up to our local flag shop. he was so ecstatic that he was able to pick out his own “merica flag” and we installed in in our backyard. he loves being able to see it from the playroom and his bedroom.

+ on one of our last evenings with friends in sea island, john took his first steps. not a shabby place to learn to walk if you ask me. the last picture above is from that eventful night.

+ next month the boys have big birthdays, which william talks about every day.


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