1. tinted moisturizer

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    i have said before how i am pretty lassiez -faire when i comes to my outward appearance. most days i am sans makeup even though i would really like to look more put together. whenever i make myself spend a little time in front of the mirror i am always amazed that it really only takes 3-5 minutes to make a huge difference in my appearance.

    i have never been a full coverage kind of gal, so tinted moisturizers have always been my go tos. these three are my absolute favs. in these photos i am wearing garnier skin renew miracle skin perfector bb cream. this stuff if my favorite and i tend to reach for this first. read the reviews online. this stuff is legit. cheap. and offers pretty full coverage for a tinted moisturizer if you ask me. chanel vitalumiere aquaulta-light skin perfecting is so creamy and really lets my skin breath. and last but certainly not least is beautycounter tint skin complexion coverage. oh how i sing this company’s praises. i kid you not, every product i own is amazing. i feel really great about putting this on my skin knowing that it isn’t loaded with the grimy chemicals that comprise other brands.

    so when i feel like sprucing up, i grab one of these three and i just use the pads of my finger tips and blend it all over. dot on a little concealer under my eyes. mascara. swipe swipe. lip shade. boom. i look [and feel] 45893457 times more put together.

    *kind of forgot i was wearing a lulu workout shirt when i took these. next time i will try to be a little more blog appropriate. but first, can i get an amen for lululemon.


  2. links. links. links.


    + i recently found the best baby/ toddler food blog.

    + this book was recommended to me by two different women [both married for over 30 years] on the same day, so i amazon primed it immediately. i am only a few chapters in and it has already changed the way i think about my role as a wife and what my marriage is supposed to be about. i have a feeling it will be life changing.

    + this is a perfect coat for the finicky texas fall/winter weather.

    + two things i religiously  add to my baby’s bottles. cod liver oil and a probiotic.

    + have you heard of zola wedding registry. it is genius and i really wish it had been around back in 2011 [why is it that 2011 sounds like eons ago?? weren’t the 90’s like 5 years ago?].

    + this mother of 4’s take on all of the horrendous things going on with planned parenthood. i found it so eloquent and powerful. definitely worth reading.

    + the prettiest dresses

    + happy weekend


  3. my new pampering routine


    let me begin by saying that i have never liked lotion. i do not like it on my hands. how it kind of melts off when it gets hot outside. i just do not like putting it on. but! alas, i have found a new routine that i love to do in the evenings. in a warm shower, i am obsessed with using the beautycounter glow sugar scrub. the smell. the feel. ahhhh. i often dread getting into the shower, but, because of this little glow, i now cannot wait to hop in and use this. my sister in law gifted me the sarah happ lip scrub and it is one of my new favorite things. i have never used a lip scrub before but this scrub is amazing and i am hooked. my lips are baby bottom soft and any lip stick or gloss application goes on one thousand times better. once, i have scrubbed up, i get out and lather up with hydrate body lotion. this is the best smelling and feeling lotion i have ever used. ever. i actually love it so much.

    if you cannot already tell i am majorly on the beautycounter bandwagon. i have several products now and i can attest that i love them all so much. my vanity has been completely bombarded by beautycounter and i am so grateful for such a wonderful, safe, cosmetic company. this lip balm is my all time fav. oh and the concealer. oh the concealer!