Four things

    SKII Facial Treatment Essence  | 2 Beautycounter Touchup Skin Concealer Pen | 3 Skin Inc Hyaluronic Acid Serum | 4 Beautycounter Peppermint Lip Balm

    After having a baby, my hormones did a 180 and my skin has been a bit temperamental. While pregnant, I was very basic with my skin [cleanse + coconut oil + sunscreen]. Lately I have been trying out some new products to revamp my routine and the above items are my current favorites. I pat the SKII Facial Treatment Essence  onto my skin morning and evening. It is such a nice splash of moisture and how gorgeous is the bottling! The Beautycounter Touchup Skin Concealer Pen has become my all time favorite concealer. I have tried them all and this one takes the cake. It is very similar and offers the same coverage as the NARS and cle de peau concealers. I was recently introduced to Skin Inc Hyaluronic Acid Serum and love it. Skin Inc asks you questions about your lifestyle and current skin condition and then formulates a particular blend for your skin type. And last but certainly not least is the Beautycounter Peppermint Lip Balm. I am really sensitive to the taste of lipsticks and lip balms and this could not be more perfect. With a slight hint of peppermint, this product is by far my most used product. I will be re-ordering this beauty for years to come.









    1 – Candle – Diptyque or Jo Malone are always great choices and their packaging is exquisite and always lifts my spirits.

    2 – Spa Gift Card – Whether she is craving a massage or mani/pedi, you simply cannot go wrong with this gift.

    3 – A random beautiful thing – All things baby will be ruling your new mama’s world, so why not get her something that is totally outside of that. A beautiful trinket like this box, or a coffee table book, or a pretty necklace. Better yet some jewelry with the new babes initial or initials is going above and beyond.

    4 – Low Maintenance Plant- Flowers are obviously a lovely choice, but let’s be honest, they die rather quickly. Why not give the new mama an orchid, succulents, a collection of herbs, or any low maintenance plant she can keep for months.

    5 – Hand or Body Lotion – Whether it is a luxurious La Mer hand lotionFresh Brown Sugar Body Polish, or Kai body lotion, any mother would love to feel some at home pampering and all of these brands fit the bill.

    6 – Frame – Much planning goes into newborn photos these days and mama will not be able to help herself from ordering every.single.one so stock her up on some gorgeous frames.

    7 – Dry Bar Blow Out – If you have a Dry Bar in your city, this is a definitely must because it is such an easy, thoughtful gift. A blowout is $40 and something that mom will enjoy so much. They even serve champagne and I often see new moms in with their babies. William was *ONLY* soothed at times by the hair dryer so babies love sound so she could even bring baby along and not have to worry about a sitter. Or always ofter to stay with the baby for her. If you do not have a dry bar in your area, most salons offer Blow Outs.

    8 – Food/ Food Delivery – The tried and true new baby gift is the gift of FOOD. I do not know a family that would not greatly appreciate a great meal that they did not have to organize, plan, let alone cook in their own kitchen. Be sure to coordinate with the family on timing and drop off. NOTE: Ofter to bring healthy dinner or even a home cooked one because often times people bring you take out from delicious restaurants, etc which is often very heavy [while always delicious] and filling and it is nice to also have people bring normal, traditional, healthy meals. Another idea, is to bring it in a dish that can be easily frozen just in case they already have tons of food on hand.

    Hope this helps! Have a wonderful day!


    Against all grain paleo zucchini bread muffins
    against all grain zucchini bread muffins a treasure huntAgainst all grain paleo zucchini bread muffins
    Tonight I was scanning our somewhat bare fridge and noticed I had several extra zucchini and immediately the thought of zucchini bread [call it a pregnancy craving if you will] and decided I must make some immediately. I scanned around our kitchen and realized I had all of Against All Grains recipe items so I went to work. In a jiffy, decadent Zucchini Bread Muffins were cooling and my house smelled oh so lovely. It is such a simply [and healthy] recipe that produces the most amazing muffins with just the right amount of sweetness. William certainly has a treat in store when he wakes up tomorrow. That is if I do not devour the remainingg 10 [there were 12 just minutes ago ;)] between now and then.

    Hope you are having a great week!