While in Charleston we hit up the Furbish Studio pop up shop and let’s just say Sarah and I were mesmerized by all of the glorious c-o-l-o-r. It was so nice to see everything in person that I have been lusting over on their website and it all looks better in person! I can attest that anything on the website is 100% as beautiful in person as it seems online.

    Oh and W decided to venture one show room over and, well, what do you know? He found a vacuum. This kid is like a drug dog sniffing for his own kind of drug…cleaning devices.

    We noshed on yummy eats at Five Loaves and stumbled upon the brand new Troubadour showroom. Such beautiful pieces that are total investment worthy pieces and you can shop everything for 30% here through today. SO HURRY!



    Thank you Sarah for all of the photos above!


    Oh Charleston, you have done it again. Stollen my heart and the heart of my little guy. W loved romping around on the beach and throwing sea sticks and sea shells. He especially loved playing in a freezing cold fountain where he definitely went head first diving a few times. How is it that little ones are not bothered by either super hot or super cold temperatures? And then, ice cream. Diaper only plus ice cream makes for quite the afternoon.

    I am so missing my sweet Sarah and I cannot wait to see her again at the end of the month for a super fun shindig we have planned for Morgan James. Stay tuned! Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


    | view from our room at the Trump Soho | 
    | we hit up FAO to get some loot for the kiddos |
    | stumbled upon the sweetest shop in all of manhattan |
    | face time started off all fun and games until… |
    | until he realized we were not there and began hysterically crying |
    | fancy dinner celebrating the birthday girl |

    | heading out for some Morgan James business time |
    | no work station is complete without candy |

    | behind the scenes |

    | back view of one of our dresses |
    | really wishing I could have a sip of this decadent bloody mary |
    | typical scene when the four of us get together. spades even at 25,000 feet | 
    Better late than never right? This time last month, Casey and I joined our best friends on a trip to NYC to celebrate one of my best friend in the world’s big special birthdays. The trip was full of delicious meal after delicious meal leaving us all waddling home claiming we will never eat again [until the next NYC meal of course ]. The weather was beautiful for that time of year and we enjoyed our time [sans kiddos] for the first time in a long time.

    As you can see above, we missed W so much so we immediately face timed him when we arrived in NYC. Well that was the last time, because he started balling crying when he realized we were not actually there, so my mom [who graciously offered to come stay with the little man] banned us from calling again because he was just fine!

    C and N, we are up for round 2 whenever y’all are! xo
    Where we stayed | Trump Soho
    Where we shopped |  West Village, Madison Ave, Soho
    Where we dinned | One if by Land, Two if by Sea, Locanda Verde, Comodo, The Boathouse in Central Park, Tenth Avenue Cookshop