personalized book || 2 giraffe jellycat || 3 jacket || 4 lacoste shoes || 5 xylophone || 6 hat || 7 cardigan || 8 footie pajamas || 9 rockaRoo || 10 bibs || 11 quilted bear suit || 12 ERGObaby || 13 moccasins || 14 loafers || 15 luxe blanket

Since I have a new baby boy this year I had so much fun making this list. I cannot get enough of the Little Giraffe luxe blanket we were given. I use it every single day and I plan on ordering another one. Basically anything Little Giraffe is wonderful. It is a perfect gift! Last time around I had a Moby Wrap and a Baby Bjorn and while I used both, after borrowing my sister in laws ERGObaby, I noticed a huge difference and was sure to buy one this time. I just ordered the infant insert to use for these next few months until baby boy is a bit bigger.

Anything personalized is always a great choice and this personalized book is super cute. When William was learning to walk these moccasins were a life saver. They are super easy to get on and allow the baby to learn to walk so much easier than if they are in normal shoes. And if you truly have no clue what to give the baby boy in your life, you can never go wrong with a precious jellycat. We have several and they are by far my favorite stuffed animals.


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  1. # 4!!! so cute!

    The Style Scribe

    November 24, 2014 • 1:13 pm •