he makes me.


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i was really in the mood for a good pick me up and i stumbled across these gems on my camera. w is probably the funniest little cat i’ve ever met. he is whitty. he is sneaky. he is loud. he is full of emotion. he has high highs and low lows. he wrapped his little personality around my finger and he has me hooked. this kiddo makes me want to smile. he makes me frustrated. he makes me have heart attacks with every new climbing endeavor. he makes me feel so blessed. he makes me a better person. he makes me light up like a light bulb when i see him every day. he makes me want to scream ‘ I LOVE YOU’ at the top of my lungs constantly. ┬áhe makes me think the impossible is possible. he makes me live in the present. he makes me me. he made me a mama. and he makes me whole. i was missing him my entire life until the day we met.


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