As I enter the final countdown to Baby #2’s arrival, I have started thinking about the essentials I will definitely be bringing with me to the hospital. Of course the first time around, I brought way too many things that I never used, so this time around, I am packing lightly. Here are a few of my must have items that will not be left behind…that is if I can get my act together and start packing this bag soon.

1- Gap Leather Satchel | What a beautiful bag and the perfect size for a few nights in the hospital.

2- Pillows | Bringing  your own pillows from home is essential! I brought 4 last time, and used every single one of them. A good tip is to grab some inexpensive cases from Target that are a color, as not to get confused with the white hospital pillows.

3-  Coconut Oil | This stuff has been so wonderful through out this pregnancy. It is all I use on my face, morning [I add a sunscreen on top during the day] and night. It single handedly cleared up my pesky breakouts and it has kept my skin feeling great. I get mine at Whole Foods or Trader Joes.

4- Eberjey Sleepshirt | This is the softest night shirt ever. I love that it is a dress and buttons up the front which will make lounging in the hospital bed that much nicer. Easy access for breast feeding, so unimaginably soft, and pretty!

5- Cosabella Never Say Never Maternity Mommie Soft Bra | I just ordered this and I am crossing my fingers I will fall in love. Last time I loved my Target brand nursing bras and tanks but I decided to splurge a little this time around. Hopefully it lives up to my expectations because isn’t it lovely?

6- Towels | Kind of like the pillows, that first shower you are granted is amazing and let me warn you that hospital towels are tiny. Hand towel sized tiny. So bring your own from home and I suggest bringing a darker colored towel. While you are at it bring your own mini bottles of luxurious shampoo and conditioner as well. Anything that will make you feel pretty and fresh.

7- NARS Concealer | I have tried them all and this is my favorite. I am not going to bring many make up items to the hospital but last time I was up for 24 hours straight and a little concealer would have done some good!

8- Lansinoh Lanolin  | This little tube saved my nipples during my last stint with breast feeding. I started putting it on a few weeks before birth and then once baby arrived I made sure to put a dab on BEFORE and AFTER each feeding. It is safe for baby to ingest and I had no issues in that department.

I cannot wait to meet Baby Hunt #2! It is finally starting to feel real to me.


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