How can I be a good blogger

Morgan Hunt with boys

i know i have said it before that “i am back!” and then quickly disappeared into the blogger gone rogue dark hole. after taking a lot of time to myself away from blogging while also winding down the clothing business, i have been left with a large creative void. i yearn to use my creative side all the time and i had a hard time bottling it all up while my outlets were slowly dwindling down.

one main reason i took a step away from the blog was i constantly kept thinking, how can I even be a good blogger anymore? here are a few reasons why i think i cannot be a good blogger in this day and age…

1. i cannot do it full time. stay at home mom. 2 kids. you get my drift.

2. i do not have a husband who seemingly works solely for my blog and willingly learns how to become a professional photographer to take out of this world photos of yours truly.

3. i cannot travel to the ends of the world and back to take pictures in exotic places.

4. i hate having pictures of myself standing solo, faking laughing, while looking off to the right [my good side].  so darn awkward.

5. i am lazy. sometimes i just want to not do anything at all other than play with my kids. walk around the block. lay on the couch. it may be a surprise to many, but blogging actually requires a lot of work, time, effort, funds, etc.

so how can i be a good blogger? well, i know i can be if i want to. if i make time for it, it can be done. my husband is not the best at photographs [sorry case], maybe one day william will be. ha. so there may not be a plethora of gorgeous photos of myself, because let’s be real for a quick sec. i am rarely dressed in anything other than jean shorts and a white tank covered in baby food with my air dried hair up in a ratty bun. the epitome of blog worthy, am i right? there may not be beautiful backgrounds of me jet setting the world. there may not be fancy clothes and polished stilettos.

but there may be, me. my photography. my thoughts. my writing. my kids. my travels. me. i love writing. i love taking photos of the things i find beautiful [hello william and john]. i love connecting with other ladies in this crazy bloggy blog world. so let us hope my glimmer of creativity is not dampened by anything or anyone. any doubt or any critique. i really love blogging. i just hope it loves me back.


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  1. That sounds exactly like the type of blog I want to read. Perfection and a different outfit is great for a while, but there’s no substance there. All the things that you described have heart and soul behind them and that’s what makes people (me at the least!) want to follow along with you.

    August 27, 2015 • 12:58 pm •
  2. morganhunt

    from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for this sweet comment. what an encouraging thing to here! cannot wait to show you what is in store 🙂

    August 30, 2015 • 8:18 pm •
  3. Sarah Radasky

    Love this, Morgan! So true and realistic! You do you, girl. I love looking at pics of your cute kiddos. Also… Dying laughing over #2 🙂 miss seeing you!

    September 2, 2015 • 1:02 pm •
  4. morganhunt

    haha love you girl! i miss you so much! Press is just the cutest thing ever!

    September 3, 2015 • 8:34 pm •