lake afternoon


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oshkosh hickory stripe shortalls  | red keds | freshly picked moccasins | hat | target dress

i always knew that i would have boys first. i just felt it in my bones. and i know for certain i will have a boy next. i just know there is one more boy meant for our family. then let the “let’s have a baby girl” rain dances begin. our family is so blessed to have these brothers. so different in looks. so different in many ways. yet so similar. both hard headed, strong willed aka “spirited” children as some may say. as on the go as they normally are, our time spent out at white rock lake was quite the opposite. both at ease near the water and in the open air. william made his own fishing pole and counted the boats. and john walked around looking at the grass and up at the clouds and casually stopped to pick up leaves. happy as clams, these boys. so for all of the crazy moments, it only takes some slow moments like these to take my breathe away.


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