links. links. links.


+ i recently found the best baby/ toddler food blog.

+ this book was recommended to me by two different women [both married for over 30 years] on the same day, so i amazon primed it immediately. i am only a few chapters in and it has already changed the way i think about my role as a wife and what my marriage is supposed to be about. i have a feeling it will be life changing.

+ this is a perfect coat for the finicky texas fall/winter weather.

+ two things i religiously  add to my baby’s bottles. cod liver oil and a probiotic.

+ have you heard of zola wedding registry. it is genius and i really wish it had been around back in 2011 [why is it that 2011 sounds like eons ago?? weren’t the 90’s like 5 years ago?].

+ this mother of 4’s take on all of the horrendous things going on with planned parenthood. i found it so eloquent and powerful. definitely worth reading.

+ the prettiest dresses

+ happy weekend



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