my new pampering routine


let me begin by saying that i have never liked lotion. i do not like it on my hands. how it kind of melts off when it gets hot outside. i just do not like putting it on. but! alas, i have found a new routine that i love to do in the evenings. in a warm shower, i am obsessed with using the beautycounter glow sugar scrub. the smell. the feel. ahhhh. i often dread getting into the shower, but, because of this little glow, i now cannot wait to hop in and use this. my sister in law gifted me the sarah happ lip scrub and it is one of my new favorite things. i have never used a lip scrub before but this scrub is amazing and i am hooked. my lips are baby bottom soft and any lip stick or gloss application goes on one thousand times better. once, i have scrubbed up, i get out and lather up with hydrate body lotion. this is the best smelling and feeling lotion i have ever used. ever. i actually love it so much.

if you cannot already tell i am majorly on the beautycounter bandwagon. i have several products now and i can attest that i love them all so much. my vanity has been completely bombarded by beautycounter and i am so grateful for such a wonderful, safe, cosmetic company. this lip balm is my all time fav. oh and the concealer. oh the concealer!



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