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For potentially three more weeks, this little love bug is my one and only. It is hard for me to imagine anything different at the moment but I know in just a blink, another baby boy will be here and the dynamic will change. I know that it will change for the better and my heart will explode just that much more having another child. But until he arrives, my priority is my little guy, William. Today we went on a mother-son lunch date and he was so well behaved. I actually finished my meal before he did which basically has never happened before so I cleaned my area and just sat there and watched him.

I watched the way he picked up the big silver fork and finagled it around effortlessly. Shoving the entire piece of chicken into his mouth and then putting the fork down and holding his little hand up to his mouth as to not let anything slip out. The way he actually ate each piece of fruit in the fruit salad, which again, has never happened before. The way he gulped water from a regular sized drink and let out an “ahhhh” afterwards. The way he pursed his little lips when he realized all of the pitas were gone. The way he calmly let me know that he was indeed finished and wiped his own hands with the wipe I got out. This little baby of mine is growing up right before my eyes into the sweetest soul I have ever known. And I cannot wait to see him as a big brother.


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  1. What a beautiful post, Morgan! So sweet! <3

    September 12, 2014 • 2:46 pm •