A few days ago, W and I packed our bags and headed to a far away land to visit one of our favorite mama and son duos. Sarah and I met and instantly became best buds last year during our beach blacation and we all meant it when we said we instantly bonded and will be in each others lives forrrr-eevvvv-errr [think Sandlot]. Our time spent with Sarah and Tuck was so magical and pure and I will treasure it for ever. It is rare you find a mom you instantly connect with on another level and another little boy that reminds you so much of your own. Tuck and William were clearly peas in a pod as you can see from the pictures.

One of my favorite parts of the trip was visiting a local farm near Sarah’s home. It is a family owned farm and each of the family members came out to say hello to us which was so refreshing. I am now determined to become best friends with some local farmers. We started out in the tent picking our produce, and hello perfect sunflower, and the boys stayed some what contained and mildly curious. Then we ventured outside while we visited with the family and let’s just say William and Tuck let loose. It was clear they were in little boy heaven and Sarah and I just marveled in their pure joy. Pure joy.

They immediately ran to the sunflowers with their bare feet and pant less bottoms. They walked up and down and explored, explore, explored. They ran round and round and chased each other and occasionally there was a purely innocent tackle. or five.

It was one of my favorite moments ever with William and I am so glad we shared it with Sarah and Tuck. More from our time with these two to come!


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