Oh what a fine day it is when you wake up to perfect, crisp sunny day. When it is a bit warm for full on winter gear but a tad too chilly to leave the house without a light sweater and cozy shoes. W and I often match [by accident] but today we both donned our Minnetonka moccasins a hit the sidewalk for a mid moring stroll  together. The leaves are finally changing which just makes my heart skip a beat. W loves exploring and his mission is accomplished when he finds the perfect stick to enjoy. Here are some things I am loving so much lately about my boy…
+the expression he gives when I get him out of the carseat. it is like he is searching and scanning the surroundings hoping to catch a glimpse of something new. 
+the way he teeters around the house babbling and babbling
+when he cozies up next to Charlie in her dog bed and they both play and look out the window
+how he looks when he falls asleep on my chest before his nap. he is so on the move. all. the. time. that is so refreshing and precious to see him rest. his eyes closed. his chest rising and falling against mine. it is the purest form of sweetness if you ask me. 
+just before bed time when he is all clean and in his jammies, Casey and I close his door and all sit on the floor. we ask him to “go get a book” and he walks over to his bookshelf, scans the books, and without fail finds his favorite one and walks back to me with the biggest grin, reaches me and pauses, strategically moves himself around, and perfectly plops his tinny bum right into my lap. heaven. 


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  1. That moment you described is heaven indeed. Cheers!

    November 6, 2013 • 6:49 pm •
  2. he’s a such a baby model!! Adorable photos. Let’s get together next week!

    The Style Scribe

    November 7, 2013 • 1:37 pm •