1. my new pampering routine


    let me begin by saying that i have never liked lotion. i do not like it on my hands. how it kind of melts off when it gets hot outside. i just do not like putting it on. but! alas, i have found a new routine that i love to do in the evenings. in a warm shower, i am obsessed with using the beautycounter glow sugar scrub. the smell. the feel. ahhhh. i often dread getting into the shower, but, because of this little glow, i now cannot wait to hop in and use this. my sister in law gifted me the sarah happ lip scrub and it is one of my new favorite things. i have never used a lip scrub before but this scrub is amazing and i am hooked. my lips are baby bottom soft and any lip stick or gloss application goes on one thousand times better. once, i have scrubbed up, i get out and lather up with hydrate body lotion. this is the best smelling and feeling lotion i have ever used. ever. i actually love it so much.

    if you cannot already tell i am majorly on the beautycounter bandwagon. i have several products now and i can attest that i love them all so much. my vanity has been completely bombarded by beautycounter and i am so grateful for such a wonderful, safe, cosmetic company. this lip balm is my all time fav. oh and the concealer. oh the concealer!


  2. How can I be a good blogger

    Morgan Hunt with boys

    i know i have said it before that “i am back!” and then quickly disappeared into the blogger gone rogue dark hole. after taking a lot of time to myself away from blogging while also winding down the clothing business, i have been left with a large creative void. i yearn to use my creative side all the time and i had a hard time bottling it all up while my outlets were slowly dwindling down.

    one main reason i took a step away from the blog was i constantly kept thinking, how can I even be a good blogger anymore? here are a few reasons why i think i cannot be a good blogger in this day and age…

    1. i cannot do it full time. stay at home mom. 2 kids. you get my drift.

    2. i do not have a husband who seemingly works solely for my blog and willingly learns how to become a professional photographer to take out of this world photos of yours truly.

    3. i cannot travel to the ends of the world and back to take pictures in exotic places.

    4. i hate having pictures of myself standing solo, faking laughing, while looking off to the right [my good side].  so darn awkward.

    5. i am lazy. sometimes i just want to not do anything at all other than play with my kids. walk around the block. lay on the couch. it may be a surprise to many, but blogging actually requires a lot of work, time, effort, funds, etc.

    so how can i be a good blogger? well, i know i can be if i want to. if i make time for it, it can be done. my husband is not the best at photographs [sorry case], maybe one day william will be. ha. so there may not be a plethora of gorgeous photos of myself, because let’s be real for a quick sec. i am rarely dressed in anything other than jean shorts and a white tank covered in baby food with my air dried hair up in a ratty bun. the epitome of blog worthy, am i right? there may not be beautiful backgrounds of me jet setting the world. there may not be fancy clothes and polished stilettos.

    but there may be, me. my photography. my thoughts. my writing. my kids. my travels. me. i love writing. i love taking photos of the things i find beautiful [hello william and john]. i love connecting with other ladies in this crazy bloggy blog world. so let us hope my glimmer of creativity is not dampened by anything or anyone. any doubt or any critique. i really love blogging. i just hope it loves me back.

  3. TREASURED: Baby’s first six months


    Miracle Blanket | Even though I never truly figured out how John slept best, these swaddles proved to be the best. And I tried them all!

    Gerber long sleeve side snap shirts | These little shirts are the easiest things for the baby to sleep in. I can assure you that it is much easier to quickly feed and change a baby if all you have to do is unswaddle them and then have the diaper right there. No buttons. No fuss. I also never worried about him being chilly because he was swaddled so tightly.

    Aiden and Anias bamboo swaddles | These are the softest blankets ever. Even though I have never used these to actually swaddle my baby, they are perfect for so many reasons. Carseat covers. Nursing Covers. Lose blankets for warm or cool weather. The feather print is just my all time favorite thing ever.

    Evenflo glass bottles with Dr. Browns nipples | I am a big advocate for glass bottles and these are the simplest, most affordable, no fuss ones you can find. The nipples that come standard are a bit hard in my opinion so I used the Dr. Browns nipples. These are also wonderful because they fit right onto the Medela pump so you can pump and store them right in the refrigerator with ease.

    Gerber Soothe Drops, previously were the Bio Gia drops | One of my dearest friends brought me these right after John was born and I definitely noticed a difference in his demeanor when we ran out. They are pricey and only last a month, but for a fussy baby, they helped a lot.

    Zany Zoo wooden activity cube | This was a gift for William but John has loved it for a long time. Once he started sitting up, I would place him in front of it and he loved playing with it. Now he pulls up on it and loves to stand. It is also very heavy so you do not worry about it toppling over or moving when the baby puts their weight on it.

    Kickee Pants footie pajamas | Best. jammies. ever. And sometimes they turn into day clothes because they are just so soft. Perfect for every age.

    Marina White Noise device | John responded best to loud, true white noise and this machine is the best one. The Dohm is great but was not loud enough for our finicky babe.

    Aiden and Anis bibs/burp cloth | I loved these because you can either drape them over your shoulder or snap them around the baby’s neck like a bib. John was a horrible spitter-upper and this proved to cover all areas no matter which way he was facing when he spit up.

    10 Elephant hamper | Perfect hamper for any nursery.

    11 Honest Company diapers | I am a big Honest Company lover! I get the all white diapers, even though they do have the cutest prints, because I did not like when I could see the designs through the clothing. I do love these diapers, however, for the first month or so I feel that they are too “stiff.” I use the Pampers Newborn Swaddlers when they are tiny and then beginning using the Honest ones when they are about 6 weeks old.


    Not pictured | Having a 2 year old to chase after meant that baby John spent a lot of time in the Baby Bjorn Carrier. It was my lifesaver. I have every single baby carrier on the market [when you have colicky babies you literally will do/try/buy anything to try to find what works best]. This carrier has been our favorite mainly because he loves to face out! Also, when I transistioned John into the crib I found that his sheets were so cold [it was winter time] so I bought some soft chenille crib sheets and they are amazing.

    Be sure the check out my previous post on newborn necessities here. Hope this helps!