I am afraid that it is time to hang up the husband’s oversized, old fraternity tee shirts and really start dressing like a lady when I go rest my little head at night. Pulling on an uber soft, worn in, oversized tee has been my go to sleepwear for years and now that I am maturing (joke) I feel the need to dress the part. How cute are all of these pajama sets? Eberjay and Marigot really have got it going on in the cute sleepwear department. I also LOVE robes. I am addicted to robes and I am actually wearing one right now as I type. I have at least 7 different robes that all serve very different purposes. One for when its hot out, one for when I am cold and before bed, one for when I am getting ready for a night out, one for when I am feeling blue…..the list goes on….I definitely do not NEED any new robes but this one above is just so cute that it may somehow make its way into my stash.

I have heard these Eberjay’s are so so cozy…

How delightful would it be to throw this caftan on after a long day by the pool or at the beach…

I would love going to bed dressed in this lovely gingham…

This set comes in a multitude of adorable patterns of beach themes and cute animals. Love and more love. I hope to find myself settling into one of these cuties soon but you still may find me pulling out the old cotton tees every once in a while.

Happy Weekend! 


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