Against all grain paleo zucchini bread muffins
against all grain zucchini bread muffins a treasure huntAgainst all grain paleo zucchini bread muffins
Tonight I was scanning our somewhat bare fridge and noticed I had several extra zucchini and immediately the thought of zucchini bread [call it a pregnancy craving if you will] and decided I must make some immediately. I scanned around our kitchen and realized I had all of Against All Grains recipe items so I went to work. In a jiffy, decadent Zucchini Bread Muffins were cooling and my house smelled oh so lovely. It is such a simply [and healthy] recipe that produces the most amazing muffins with just the right amount of sweetness. William certainly has a treat in store when he wakes up tomorrow. That is if I do not devour the remainingg 10 [there were 12 just minutes ago ;)] between now and then.

Hope you are having a great week!


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