palms after labor day

palmprint4 palmprint2

palmprint6palmprint1 palmprint

madewell palm print jumpsuit [on sale] | white sandals

this jumpsuit is one my favorite things i own. i recently purchased it and i definitely thought it would be one of those items that i 100% returned because it was nice in theory but would look horrible on me. quite the opposite happened when i tried it on. it is so comfortable and despite being a primarily white full body suit, it actually is very flattering. i figured this would be one of those outfits my husband cracked a joke about, but instead, he liked it. and the best part is it is now on sale!

also, digging my new darker locks. with all of this fresh hair growing back after having a baby, i wanted to let my hair breathe a bit from over processing and i am quite happy with the results. and how cute is john’s tiny hand always locked around my arm.


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