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this christmas, my dad and coco gave william a scooter. every time we go to the park and he sees another kids scooter, he immediately runs to it and i have to be the big bad mommy who makes him get off of it. i can’t blame him though because scooters are like the golden ticket to little boys and of course even though it was seemingly abandoned, the tiny owner came running to collect their toy when william showed interest.

so of course, william is obsessed with this scooter. he spent the first few days riding it around inside because it was freezing and rainy outside but alas, on christmas day, the sun was out and it was scootin’ time. well this kid is a dare devil. he would dart off trying to launch himself down hills [very steep ones at that] and i literally thought we were going to end up in the hospital. of course we were not prepared with a helmet and after his antics, i will be ordering one immediately. it was a workout trying to keep up with him.

this kid could have stayed outside all day moving around on his new scooter and the picture above is, in the end, how we had to walk back home. this kiddo does not like to take no for an answer.

thank you dad and coco for such a fun gift! and i highly recommend this scooter for beginners because it is a 3 in1 and we will take the little seat off soon and it will be a stand up scooter.



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