True story. W and I dress a like. Another truth. It is 100% always by accident. There must be some mommy power that takes my brain when I am not paying attention and plans for us to dress alike. Countless times each week I look down around 3pm and realize W and matching. I am in navy and white stripes and he is in royal blue and white stripes. I am in white shorts and a gray tee and he is in a blue tee and white shorts. It never ends and I am amazed at how many items in our closets actually match. So I am getting a head start on our matching fall outfits and decided to just embrace that W is a little mini me.

1 – cap | 2 – jacket [not sure I can pull off this camo jacket look but I know W can rock one] | 3 – baby camo jacket [so cute in person and has a sweet fleece lining] | 4 – baseball tee [I will never take this off. Ever.] | 5 – baby baseball tee | 6 – jeans | 7 – jeans | 8 – necklace | 9 – fringe boot | 10 – baby moccasin [I mean come on. I just have to jump on the bandwagon because these things are just too stinkin’ cute not too.]


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