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okay, okay. i know it totally may look like william is my favorite child because i have barely posted any photos of little baby john. i promise i will post more soon. william is working on his vocab and gaining new words every day and while he still is a bit of a babbler at times, i want to remember this time. the time right before he realllllly starts talking and other people know what he is saying [of course i have spoken “william” for many months].

+ william, john, and i take family baths and the other night william started playing peek-a-boo with john. he sat on the other side of the tub as i held john facing him and covered his eyes with his hands and started laughing and then goes “ahhhhhh” as he released his hands. it scared the pooh out of john but next time william put his hands on his eyes i immediately said “peeeeeekaaaaaa” and then “BOO” when he released his hands. now little william does it on his own and it is the sweetest.

+ his new favorite saying is “no pee pee, mama, no pee pee.” potty training is in full force and he is starting to not love it when i take him to the potty. he holds my neck and says this and then wants to hop off the potty. every 4th time he usually goes.

+ “nigh nigh baby johnnnnnn. nigh nigh mamaaaaaaa.” as he goes to bed while i am feeding john. i love his voice. i love it so.

+ “cool mama. cool dada.” everything is really cool in our house.

+when a door is opened he wraps both arms tightly around his chest, bends at the knees, and says “ohhh, cooooold. mama cold.”

+ at the start of prayers at the dinner table and before bed he says “bow head”

+ and the one that has been around the longest, ” no chi-chi. no CHI-CHI.” in reference to charlie girl eating the food he drops and trying to lick his fingers.

+ i have no idea where he got this from but he will stand at the bottom of the stairs and go “MA.MAAA.” and all I can think of is “MA. MA. The MEATLOAF.” william sounds just like will ferrell when he does this.



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