Things I love about this kid.

+ his facial expression when he sees something interesting while saying “oh waaaowww, mama, wow.”

+ how he can eat an entire apple quicker than I can.

+ his freckle on his nose. front and center.

+ his overwhelming love for cleaning. especially now cleaning up the dog pooh. “chi-chi, pooh mama. chi-chi pooh.” he then proceeds to the drawer with the bags and then waits at the door for me to let us all out to go fetch her pooh. who knew iI would enjoy cleaning up after my dog so much.

+ how he loves his baby brother. he is always looking for baby and loves giving kisses. hugs. and the occasional whack across the head [poor baby J].

+ the way he screams “DAH DAH” when he hears Casey honk his horn twice when he pulls in the drive way from work. he then runs to the front door with the biggest smile.

+ the way he can climb everything. while terrifying and heart attack worthy at times, quite impressive none the less.

+ the way he looks when he sleeps. on his back. both hands behind his head. I could stare at him for all eternity.

+  the sound of his voice saying mama.


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