a-treasure-hunt-29-weeks-pregnant 29weeks

Sorry for the hiatus friends. I was not planning on abandoning the blog for over a week but it kind of just happened. Last week, we vacationed with Casey’s family and while I lugged my lap top along with me with the full intention of getting a lot done, instead it sat alone in the corner and I barely opened it all week. I decided I needed a little break.

Which leads me to my thoughts. And actually, I am having trouble even grasping my thoughts. Weird I know. All I am certain of is that I am taking some personal time to think about things. My life. My priorities. What I want to do on a daily basis. As a mother, blogger, designer, artist, etc. I have been going through the ABIDE study with my bible study ladies and it has got us all thinking. I know there is a lot of excess in my life and I am taking time to really sort through things and prune back where needed.

With that said, bear with me. If I disappear for a bit it is just because I am taking time away from my computer and want to emerge with a fresher understanding of what I want to do with the blog, etc.

Oh and, yes, I am already 29 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy is moving by quite quickly wouldn’t you say??


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