Well friends, I have a water baby. William is obsessed with the pool and has turned into a fish this summer. For a kid who cried during spring swim classes [looking back I assume he just did not like the structure since clearly he loves the water??], he has blossomed into one fine swimmer. He loves to jump right in off the side, off of ledges, and from tall heights. He insists on going under every. single. time. His new thing is just walking off of the steps and allowing himself to be weight less in the water for a few seconds before reaching out for us.

This boy amazes me everyday and I love seeing him in his element. He is so happy in the water and I am already a little sad for summer to end which will bring his pool days to an end for this season. I figure I am going to have to join somewhere with an indoor pool mainly because I love seeing him as happy as he is when jumping to me. I love you water baby.



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  1. oh that is so impressive!!! go william!! and he is getting cuter by the minute, i swear! maddalena has loved the water but nottt so much going under but who is surprised? i don’t really like going under either haha. #imababytoo

    August 13, 2014 • 2:32 pm •