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have i mentioned that i have a wild son? well he’s wild. the sweetest kind of wild. let’s talk about some of his wild moves as of late…

-i was forced to remove his [tall] chest of drawers from his room mid nap because he was strategically opening the drawers to maneuver his way up to the top. once atop, he would open any previously un opened drawers and dump their contents on the floor. one lucky day he discovered some old diaper rash cream and decided to paint his entire body with it. it was lovely. so out the very-heavy-mother-adrenaline-kicked-in-big-time-pushing-out-the-chest-on-her-own happened. due to his shenanigans he has lost everything in his room. only things remaining are his two twin beds and his rocker and a few books. sorry kiddo.

-let’s talk more about nap time shall we. i should not be allowed to use the term “nap time” because 87% of the time, there is absolutely no napping. this little creature has figured out that if he waits to go numero 2 in his pull up that i will come back in and it will buy him some time. he usually always saves juuusssst a little extra so that he can have a round 2 of numero 2. it’s just so nice of him, isn’t it? and the past two days i have opened the door to find him holding his pull up full of said numero 2. holding it out for me as if it is a glorious gift. not only has he decided to start taking off his pull ups full of pooh but also then rubbing his grimy bootie all over the wall beside his bed. i will let you create that picture in your mind and the lovely mess that is left for this mama to scrub.

-i hate nap time. because it is not nap time in this house. but i refuse to give it up.

-i took him on a mother son trip to…..trader joe’s. thrilling, i know. we only needed a few things so william pushed the kids cart and we put everything in that. he was so proud and loved every single minute of our trip. he pushed the cart up to the counter and then immediately ran around and congratulated himself for a trip well done by reaching up and “stealing” a lollypop.

-he still hates shoes and refuses to wear them. and he hates it when casey and i wear shoes as well. if he sees shoes on our feet he runs over, sits on the ground, and proceeds to try to pry them off of our feet until we finally just give him and take them off.

-he now uses the phrase “buy more…” if we tell him something is all gone.

-his new favorite song is “party time” “party time” “party time.”

-he thinks time out his hilarious. the funniest thing in the world. lord help me.




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